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Study Guide

What do maoist think?

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LGBTQ National Oppresion

Why Maoism Really rocks

1999 - Black like Mao: Red China and black revolution
A late 90s african journal entry about the massive
impact of Mao and Maoist thought on the struggle against white supremacy
and especially African liberation.

Marxist Dictionary defined through articles on the topic


The National Question: how should Marxists respond to National Liberation struggles
Ibrahim Kaypakkaya on the Kurdish National Question

Essential doc in the formation of MLM globally and excellent for helping to understand the national question. Make sure to read the TKP/ML wiki page to have a general understating of the group situation.

Maoist econ text book for teenagers and college students to prepare them to educate illiterate peasants and bring them into the revolution.
Fundamentals of Political Economy

Articles unpacking the claims of actually existing socialism for various countries

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